Rules of the server


  1. Have Common Sense and be respectful.
  2. Using any Unfair Advantages, such as Hacked Clients, Abusing Bugs, etc. is not allowed
  3. Be Respectful, don't cause any unwanted drama.
  4. Spamming in chat is not allowed
  5. Any type of discrimination is not allowed
  6. Doxxing/DDosing/Threats/etc. is not allowed
  7. Sending NSFW content or Malicious links etc. is not allowed
  8. Listen to Staff.
  9. Bypassing punishments is not allowed.
  10. Inappropriate language is not allowed.
  11. Advertising without permission is not allowed.
  12. Inappropriate skins/names are not allowed.
  13. Faking footage about players in reports is not allowed.
  14. Chat-Trolling is not allowed (like telling them to press Alt + F4) or letting players do things for a prize.
  15. Impersonation is not allowed (pretending to be staff, or a other player).


  1. Skybasing is not allowed.
  2. Trolling is not allowed*.
  3. Winfarming is not allowed**.
  4. Crossteaming is not allowed.
  5. Placing signs to bypass a mute is not allowed.

*With Trolling we mean: Killing teammates, Building inappropriate stuff, breaking craftingtables to steal items from teammates.*
*With Winfarming we mean: Inviting people/alt accounts into your game and them letting you win, or killing them without any resistance.*